Our passion here at Aqua International is on private label drinking water and the positive impact it brings to your business. We create drinking bottle label based on your exact vision and branding goals. Our team of professionals in working are committed to source the right bottle, label, store and distribute your goods to your expectation; just tell us what you need and we will provide it to your expectation.


Aqua International was established in 2012 with the aim to provide pure, healthy mineral water coupled with efficient and prompt services for you. This is achieved by taking advantage of our expertise in private label drinking water and our OEM solution.

We began our business with the production of drinking water for small and medium business enterprises. In 2013, we then ventured into private label bottled water for retailers, distributors, local supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturers as well as government sectors.

How Does Bad Water Turns Good?

Reverse osmosis produce pure, clean drinking water that free from contaminants.
What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a process of filtration that removes many different molecules and ions out of water by passing through permeable membrane with very small holes. It has been used to purify water and remove salts and other impurities in order to improve the colour, taste or properties of the water.

How does it work?

Pressure is applied to the solution, usually by a pump to push the water and other molecules with low molecular weight pass through the membrane. The membrane will retain the larger molecules, preventing it from passing through.

Harmful particles like chlorine, metals, and fluoride are also removed from the drinking water for a purer and fresher taste.

Most commercial and industrial systems uses multiple membranes to achieve greater levels of treated water.

R.O Flow

Industrial Applications

Reverse osmosis systems can be used to treat boiler feed water, industrial wastewater, process water and more. A few of the major uses are:

R.O industrial

Benefits of Drinking RO Water
Removes Pollutants & Minerals
Reverse Osmosis filters out harmful pollutants & minerals. As a result drinking reverse osmosis water is a healthier alternative to tap water.
Reduce Risk of Illness & Disease
Chlorine, asbestos, mercury & lead have been found in regular tap water, which could lead to harmful illness and diseases. Reverse osmosis removes these harmful toxins and makes water healthier to drink.
Smells & Tastes Better
Water smells and tastes better as a result of good filtration. Reverse osmosis water also desalinates water (removes salt) which makes it more appealing to drink.
Bacteria Free
Reverse osmosis filtration also removes bacteria from water. Bacteria can be harmful to the body, which could cause illness.
Hydrates Body Quickly
Reverse osmosis water hydrates the body quickly as a results of the highly effective filtration process. This is beneficial for active people and highly suitable for warm weather countries.

Drink your way to a better health.

Choose alkaline water to improve body functions and increase vitality.

The water we drink has a huge impact on health. Drinking the right type of water could reduce the possibilities of suffering from health problems. Drink the wrong type of water and our body will be filled with toxins that could contribute to health problems.

So what is the right type of water?

Essentially, there are 3 elements to consider when choosing the drinking water.

Free from contaminants

Water that is filled with impurities, heavy metals and toxins should be avoided at all cost. The best example is tap water and municipal water.

No chlorine added

The harmful effect of bacteria is eliminated by adding chlorine in the water. But the effect turns out to be worse for human as chlorine can be harmful to our health.

Filled with essential minerals

The important minerals like calcium and magnesium keep us stay hydrated, protect bones and strengthen the heart.

Quenching our thirst is our most prevalent reason to drink water but maintaining health is important too. These can be achieved by drinking water with alkaline pH reading.

Why choose alkaline water?

Alkaline water is one type of drinking water that has the presence of alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium and sodium. It can be found in natural spring, aquifer or as ionized water

Alkaline is defined as having a pH value greater than 7.0 +scale/meter. pH stands for potential hydrogen ions and to measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 7.0 considered neutral, below 7.0 are considered acidic while above 7.0 are considered alkaline.

It is imperative to maintain the acid-alkaline balance in our everyday lives. This happens as many health problems are caused by having low pH in our body, which means acidic. Drinking alkaline water would be one of a better way to raise pH level and improve our health condition.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water
Stay Hydrated
The size of the water molecular cluster reduces by 2/3 when the water is ionized. Smaller water clusters have more mobility to penetrate the cellular membrane and remove wastes in the body.
Balanced pH in Body
Ionization increases the level of pH in the body. Also the negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in ionized water is antioxidant and helps to get rid of toxins, acids and free radicals.
Increase in energy
Alkaline antioxidant water improves the absorption of nutrients, cleanses body and prevents accumulation of heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. Alkaline water also helps you to sleep better at night and rejuvenate in the morning hence giving you the extra energy you need.
Increases Blood Oxygen
Drinking ionized water increases the amount of oxygen in blood. Every breath that you take in affects these levels. When your level are right, your body is able to deliver oxygen to your muscles and helps them to function better.
Pain Reduction
If you are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, drinking alkaline water could help to relief the pain. Please consult doctor for detailed advice on specific health issues.
Normalizing Blood Sugar
Alkaline water has been suggested to normalise blood sugar, insulin level and blood pressure. It promotes healthy colon function and improves urinary tract infection. Alkaline water is also good for people who are trying to overcome diabetic problem.
How to produce alkaline water?

The chemical reaction called ionization requires turning ordinary water to alkaline water. Ionizing water causes portion of the water molecules to separate as hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-).

This leads to the water to change into an alkaline portion and an acidic portion. Hydrogen ions then being oxidized by magnesium ions (which are present in nearly all drinking water) and reduce to the hydrogen atom. This leads to an increase in the level of OH- and changes the water to a slightly higher alkaline state.

With people now turn to a healthy lifestyle, the opportunity is there for entrepreneurs to cater the demand for alkaline water especially for bottled alkaline water.

Aqua International offers bottled alkaline water for small and medium enterprises. Our products are available in 2 sizes; 350 ml and 500 ml.

We also do private labelling product and OEM brands to companies. We also will assist you in creating your own label of bottled water, packaging and delivery service.

5 steps to create your personalized bottle drinking water :


You present us with your ideal product for your business and we will begin to articulate your own ideal packaging concept, along with your chosen logo and type of water (alkaline or R.O water).

You need to supply us with the following information:
a) Product name, finishing and label type.
b) Company information.
c) Any other information to be added on the label.



We will send you a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) quotation. Payment required at this point and prior to the next step



Our designers will initiate the design process immediately. The will keep in touch with you regularly regarding the packaging and label. Any modifications can be applied at this stage.

Once the final draft has been agreed, we will then proceed to the production.



We will start the mass production of your personalized bottled drinking water.



Your production is ready to be shipped by our delivery service.

Our production plant comprises of water production, plastic production, bottling facilities and storage hub.

Bottles are properly examined and closely screened by our well-trained quality control team.

Private label drinking water offers the efficient way to establish your brand, since the demand for drinking bottled water is increasing. Private label drinking water serves you a number of functions:

Strengthen your brand identity – communicate your message effectively through selling or giving the private label bottled water as gifts during events or corporate functions.

Stay on top of your competition - portray your value-added presence that your competitor can’t

Secure customer loyalty – private label drinking water imparts a lasting message. Your customers tend to retain the bottles because of exclusivity and quality of the label.

Consider a personalised bottled water to be your premium business card. Aqua International ensures that your private label bottled water exudes a quality unmatched by the big brands and national brands.

We uphold careful attention to detail for designing private label bottled water that reflects the identity of your business.

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